Mammalian Heart Flow Replicator

I designed and fabricated an Inherently Stable Helicopter to be used as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for participation at the International Aerial Robotics Competition in the United States. I used my knowledge of helicopter aerodynamics to design the Inherently Stable Helicopter. I used SolidWorks and Ansys for the drawings and stress analysis of the helicopter components. I employed my skills in machine tools to fabricate the helicopter components. I designed and fabricated the control system of the helicopter, using Multisim (Circuit Simulator) to simulate the control circuit, and applying my knowledge of microcontrollers. The helicopter was able to follow walls and take pictures of target objects on its own; this required the use of infrared sensors, cameras and accelerometers. I used my knowledge of electronics to interface these sensors to the control circuit of the helicopter. The helicopter met the design requirements, stayed well below the budget limit, and performed better than any conventional helicopter of a similar budget.

Robotic Gripper